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Summa promotes open technology at Opensouthcode

At Summa we develop open APIs software, so we could not miss the opportunity of sharing our experience with them at the Opensouthcode in Malaga

Opensouthcode takes place on June 1 and 2 and it’s the event that promotes open technology. Our PHP developers Pedro Parra, Rafal Kozlowski and Francisco Avendaño have been invited to give the tech-talk ‘DevOps: from source code to production’.

In today’s software development process our biggest challenge is to reduce vulnerabilities, which are usually related to human interaction. To try to minimize these problems, we need to automate as many processes as possible. The current market offers many tools to try and solve these problems. In this talk we will show how we can meet our needs using tools such as:

Development environment with Docker
Git Hooks
Jenkins Pipelines (automatic tests, continuous integration and continuous delivery)
Frameworks Test
Docker swarm cluster

Check out the link for more information about our session.

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