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Summa participates in project ‘IT in the Clouds’

Every high school has whiz kids, pupils who are fascinated by the IT world. The regular education offered does not always meet the needs of these ambitious students at their level of knowledge. In order to offer these kids a challenging learning environment, the IT in the Clouds (ICT in de Wolken) project was set up – and Summa has the pleasure to support this initiative.

The project started in Amsterdam in 2012 and expanded to Almere in 2013 with the City College and Helen Parkhurst institutes. The two teaching hours per week at each institute, intended for IT classes, will be led by ‘IT in the Clouds’ for those participating in the project. Three or four projects are carried out each year. During project hours, pupils work on realistic and industry-related assignments from companies and institutions. Summa and its sister company Voiceworks offered 24 pupils an opportunity to work on one of our concrete projects. Here they can use their advanced knowledge of application UX, UI design and Android/iOS development to give feedback on and enrich our software.

Just like our development team, they will work following the Google Design Sprint approach. The week of intensive work (called a ‘sprint’) is spread out to a period of eight weeks. It is up the team to decide how to approach this and how to best use the time and skills available within the team. The students will be guided by Summa & Voiceworks’ Manager of Development Niels Eeken as well as Senior UX Designer Daniel Williams.

In this way Summa and Voiceworks hope to invest in and maximize the expertise of these students in a win-win situation. These young talents will learn from working on concrete assignments and will be able to better fine-tune their study and future career, while the company gets fresh insights on the current work and projects.

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