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Summa as speaker at Code BEAM STO

Our Erlang and Elixir developer Timmo Verlaan has been invited to give a tech-presentation at the Code BEAM STO event as one of our experts in Erlang technology. The conference takes place in Stockholm on May 31st and June 1st.

Elixir is one of the coding languages of telecommunications and Summa uses it to develop its voice and realtime collaboration platforms. Timmo is one of our most experienced developers in this technology, and he is going to share his knowledge in his tech-talk: ‘No(de) discovery without DSN & EPMD’ at the conference. Here is what you can expect from the presentation:

‘Distributed Erlang makes writing distributed applications a breeze. However, setting up distributed Erlang is not always as easy in local (Nerves) or containered (Docker) environments. We explore how Erlang distribution is started by a node. After starting Erlang distribution usually nothing happens until the user requests to connect to another node. The other node has then to be discovered in order to be able to connect to it. Currently only DNS is supported to find other nodes and EPMD to discover the correct port. Alternative discovery mechanisms exist but are not (yet) natively supported by Erlang distribution. This talk will cover a new feature that will add native support and the road to merging it into Erlang/OTP.’

Join him on June 1st, at 15:20!

About Code BEAM STO

The Erlang User Conference (EUC) has been rebranded as Code BEAMSTO. With 40+ speakers across two-day, it is a multi-track conference covering Erlang, Elixir and other BEAM languages. It focuses on real-world applications of BEAM languages, concurrency, distributed computing and scalability. It strives to bring together people passionate about the Erlang Ecosystem and high-performance, massively scalable distributed systems.

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