How Voiceworks offers insight in their portfolio
to their 200+ partners thanks to Operator Online

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“Our partners can manage their own Voiceworks portfolio from one single webtool”

Thanks to Summa’s Grid Access Voiceworks offers his 200+ indirect partners Operator Online, the intelligent webtool that gives constant real-time insight to the customers’ usage. With just one click partners and customers can receive detailed information about usage on employee level. The management interface offers the ability to manage and configure their own service, order from Voiceworks’ webshop Cloudscape and have a single point of access to all documentation relating to Voiceworks’ services and billing.

About Voiceworks

Voiceworks is the leading provider of mobile telephony, fixed telephony, UC and data solutions for the business market in the Netherlands. With over 12 years of experience in both web technology and Voice over IP, Voiceworks offers innovative real-time communications solutions through the indirect channel that enables end users to work more efficient, smarter and everywhere.

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