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UMA Malaga

Looking for talent at the Malaga University

Summa Development Labs S.L. are looking for talented students at the UMA (University of Malaga) to join a challenging traineeship in our office at the Parque Tecnológico de Andalucía.

Summa, which has development labs in the Netherlands, Serbia and Spain, is already a recognized name at local universities and institutes because we are always looking for the most skilled students to join some of our development projects. Investing in young talent is very important for the company as young people are the ‘users of tomorrow’ of our communications and collaboration solutions.

On 21 February, we will take part in a matchmaking event organized by the IT Faculty (ETSI) of the Malaga University and we will select the students that can best fulfill the internship project and are interested in sharing their knowledge with and learning from our development team in Malaga.

The goal of the internship will be developing a management tool for our Recruitment processes and acquiring knowledge in OO PHP. During this time, the students will work with Scrum and concepts like Object Oriented Programing, Clean Code, Unit Testing and peer review, among other techniques, and all this will be done in English which is our official language.

We will offer students a Personal Development Plan with the intention of starting a possible successful relationship with Summa and its experienced team that works on adapting new technologies to the Telecom sector.

The traineeship will take place between March and June. During this period, the students will have the chance to work with PHP7, MySql, PHPUnit, MVC, API, Principios SOLID and Scrum.

Check out who we are and how we work by clicking on our link.

Check the link for more information about Malaga University.

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