PHP Software Engineer

As a PHP Developer, you will be part of a professional development team in the Netherlands and Spain. In addition to the developers, the team consists of architects, QA Engineers, UX/UI Designers and Product Owners. We are working in Agile teams in a technologically advanced, but complex environment.

In both Almere and Malaga, to reinforce our teams, we are looking for experienced back-end PHP developers. If you join us you will be developing new functionality around our customer portal (“Operator”) and other applications. Next to contributing to the stability, scalability and reliability of our product, you will also participate in challenging projects.

More specifically, your tasks will include:

  • Coding and documenting software solutions;
  • Reviewing code from Operator Development domain;
  • Gathering required information needed for development;
  • Demonstrating the build functionality to PO/stakeholders;
  • Ensuring maximum amount of coding time;
  • Merging your own developed branches to the planned deliverable branch;
  • Helping Tester to improve functional test coverage;
  • Keeping Jira tickets up-to-date;
  • Keeping track of the external dependencies in Operator and upgrade them when needed, without breaking Operator as a platform;
  • Coordinating tasks from a technical point of view when it is needed;
  • Delivering most flexible and robust common internal packages/libraries;
  • Applying architectural knowledge to deliver the common packages/libraries;
  • Delivering products in line with the purpose of the “NGO Kickstarter” circle and the architecture of the Operator platform;
  • Maintaining clear documentation of delivered work;
  • Doing Knowledge Transfer when needed;
  • Getting new circle members ready to start performing his/her role;

To succeed in your role, the following is required:

  • Extensive experience with object oriented developing (OOP);
  • In-depth knowledge of backend PHP7 development;
  • Knowledge of MySQL, ORM, XML, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX and Linux;
  • Experience working in SCRUM teams;
  • Familiarity with GIT and Jira or the likes;
  • Experience with VoIP and/or UC could be advantageous;

About us: 

Within Reach provides the most stable and innovative communication platform for the commercial market. Through our own network (with the support of several interconnected data centers) we supply professional mobile, telephony and data services using progressive ICT techniques. As a result of our flexible and professional approach, we have gained a significant market position that we intend to further expand in the coming years through the indirect sales channel.
You will work in a dynamic organization where every day is a different story. In 2017 we chose to run our organization according to the management model of Holacracy. This model is characterized by that we do not work with traditional functions, but in several roles. Departments are no longer there, because we work in circles. And from your roles, you can be part of several of these circles. This way you will be able to use your talents in multiple places!

What we offer:

We believe in working hard and rewarding effort. We also take a creative approach to relaxation, organizing a wide range of surprising and fun activities for our employees to enjoy. We enjoy an informal, no-nonsense culture with plenty of room for creativity and personal growth. This is a fulltime position within a truly international company, offering an excellent remuneration package including good pension agreement.


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