Kubernetes Engineer

Our family is growing very rapidly, and with it also our development capacity. We want to build new applications as fast and reliable as we can, and have recently started our journey towards microservices and CI/CD. To be able to support all these applications, we are developing and maintaining our own Kubernetes clusters. At its core it runs Kubernetes, but on top of that, we use a wide range of other Open Source Software to abstract away as much of the infrastructure and processes from the development teams as we can, so they can spend all of their energy on the things that really matter; building our innovative and kick-ass platforms and products. Our tech stack currently contains Kubernetes, Helm, Flux, Keycloak, Harbor, Traefik, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Ansible, git, and we are continuously seeing how we can improve the functionality of the clusters to help further our goals. We are passionate about standard procedures and use things like Infrastructure as Code, GitFlow for infrastructure and GitOps for release management.

You will work in a team to build and maintain a stable, scalable platform. To do this, you will be working closely with the development teams of different companies in our group, spread over Europe. Those teams use these clusters to build, test and deploy numerous applications of different flavors (web, voice, video). You will teach them how to best use the different components that our platform provides, look for a way to add more useful functionality to the clusters or remove functionality that is no longer in use. And you use techniques like Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (and possibly Deployment) to ensure the clusters have production-grade stability while delivering new features as fast as we can.

Your challenges will be:

  • Building, testing and implementing reproducible Kubernetes clusters and related infrastructures;
  • Operating, supporting and maintaining the clusters so they can meet the applicable Operational Level Agreements;
  • Automating as much as we can, so we can spend our time on other cool things;
  • Be part of on-call rotation to fix those corner-cases which we didn’t foresee;
  • Supporting and training different teams in getting the most out of the infrastructure we provide;
  • Translating wishes, requirements or annoyances from the users of the clusters into improvements to make the clusters even better;
  • Learning and sharing knowledge about new developments around application delivery, containers, CI/CD which could be of use to the team or our companies.

Those shouldn’t be a problem if you:

  • Have experience installing and operating Kubernetes clusters running production workloads;
  • Have a really good understanding of Docker and its internals;
  • Have a development background, or a very big interest in development workflows, technologies, tools, etc, mainly around CI/CD;
  • Are experienced with Ansible and Vagrant, or similar tools to build reproducible infrastructures;
  • Have experience with some of the other tools in our technology stack or tools that can be used for similar tasks;
  • Are somewhat of a Linux guru;
  • Are able to work together with people from numerous different backgrounds, located in different countries, who have different ways of working;
  • Feel comfortable working in a self-steering environment where you are expected to make your own decisions driving the company’s purpose;
  • Like to work hard, play hard.

In return, we offer

Great challenges making our products more suitable for international presence. We believe in working hard and rewarding effort. We also take a creative approach to relaxation, organizing a wide range of surprising and fun activities for our employees to enjoy. We enjoy an informal, no-nonsense culture with plenty of room for creativity and personal growth. This is a fulltime position within a truly international company, offering a good remuneration depending on your knowledge and experience.


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