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If Content is King, then Context is Queen… The UX of Internal Communications

Our Senior UX Designer Daniel Williams has recently recorded an interview with Happeo on ‘What can Internal Comms learn from UX-Design’

In this segment, he reinforces that conveying an effective message is all about the context in which it is received. He challenges the clichés that attention spans are decreasing, positing that instead, our daily lives are constantly bombarded with content over a multitude of competing channels and it is becoming more and more difficult for users to make choices. As a result, companies find it ever more difficult to compete and to deliver effective communication to their employees. ‘Every time we give employees a communication, we give them a problem, a decision they have to make. We need to reduce the number of decisions they have to make by surfacing relevant and timely content.”

Daniel Williams explains how User Experience can help getting the message across by focusing on the context in which communication takes place. This implies a certain knowledge of the user so as to the channel content towards them in the most effective way. Technology makes our messaging more effective if we master the context in which it is used, to the point that channel becomes frictionless or even invisible.

Hear all about Daniel’s views on UX in communications in this podcast released by Happeo.

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