How Clevir enhanced their User Experience
by integrating real-time communication
to their Virtual Workspace

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“Our customers have now a full set of communication tools to improve productivity.”

Clevir has added voice, video and chat into their Virtual Workspace thanks to the open APIs of our Coligo platform. As the world moves to the cloud to improve productivity, flexibility and cost savings, Clevir focusses on delivering user-centered solutions. From their Virtual Workspace Clevir offers easy and secure web-based access to all applications through a single screen on any device. Thanks to the integration of our APIs all users can now communicate real-time, improving collaboration and productivity.

About Clevir Solutions

Clevir was founded in 2009 as an answer to the world’s need for enhanced productivity inside and outside the office. The world is moving to the cloud at blazing speeds because cloud applications can provide the required productivity boost. At Clevir, we encompass this trend by making the move from desktops to virtual workspaces possible. The Clevir Workspace Portal is the perfect way to start using cloud applications in conjunction with your existing applications. We provide simple, flexible access to all applications through a single sign-on screen from any device, anywhere, at any time. We use a high quality HTML5 interface for our single sign-on remote workspace, and offer the highest level of security as there is no data or browse history stored on the device. Multi-factor authentication is optional.

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