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Summa tech-talks at ENTER conference

Here we go again, Summa has been selected to speak at ENTER, the conference for technological innovations which takes place in Belgrade 25-26 April 2018. Our development team will talk about Elixir and Electron and will show practical applications of these technologies.

Summa has been invited to give a tech-talk on Elixir, the latest technology in communications software. ‘WTF (Why The Functional) Elixir’ is the subject that the very our Elixir developers Petar Stojanovic, Stefan Zivkovic and Jovana Sovilj will present at the conference; Our developers at Summa Labs d.o.o. are some of the few in Serbia that master Elixir. Elixir is a functional language based on Ruby-like syntax, which builds upon BEAM VM – the virtual machine used in Erlang/OTP. Our most innovative, API-based PBX platform Coligo is built in Elixir technology.

Dragana Radjenovic, Zorica Stojković and Jadran Josimovic will hold the workshop ‘Summa App Call’. Participants are going to connect to our Coligo GRID platform and build a functional softphone which will enable calls among attendees. The application will be built in Electron, so all participants are going to learn how Electron application architecture works and how inner processes communicate.

Summa will also have a booth in the conference space where we will demo our software and the processes behind the code. And we’ve prepared a playground for all attendees where they can releax and participate in challenges to win great prizes!

Our team is already engaged in the Serbian IT community. Last November our Elixir specialists participated in the Rails Gilrs Belgrade workshop and coached the about 100 girls attending the event.


ENTER is a two-day conference showcasing innovation in technology. AI, Data Science, Blockchain, IoT and other IT developments are the focus of the upcoming ENTER’s program. The conference connects and presents people involved in the IT sector, brought to you by Spacevent and ACM-W network.

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