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Contextual communications and devices: The right tools for the best UX – part II

In his previous blog Summa’s Senior UX Designer Daniel Williams has tackled the complexity of communicating from different apps and with different devices, and how through APIs we can create a truly unified ecosystem for an optimal user experience. In the second part of the blog, he focuses on how to maximize effectiveness in communication.

Communication is most effective and less time consuming if initiated from the specific contest in which it needs to take place, and in consideration of the circumstances in which it happens. That is why at Summa we conducted a research on the way people communicate and collaborate, and defined the triggers that occur before, during and after a call or message.

Read the whole blog published on Telecom Reseller on how we can find Goldilocks for an efficient communication.

About the blogger

Daniel Williams (Senior UX Designer at Summa) attended one of the first Human Computer Interaction (HCI) studies offered in the United Kingdom in the late 90’s and went on to complete his PhD in the field of using Augmented Reality for Science Education at the University of Birmingham. He arrived in the Netherlands in 2007, after a spell at TU Delft he stepped away from academia to work in the world of mobile and web based interactive applications and telecommunications. Outside of the office he enjoys 3D mapping and visual performances at music events and festivals as well as interactive installations.

About Telecom Reseller

Telecom Reseller is a US publication that reaches a highly pre-qualified audience consisting of a blend of both IT and UC buyers and sellers. Telecom Reseller is the only publication that penetrates deeply into the core UC markets, both channel and IT management: 37,000 readers monthly by hard copy, 1,800 readers daily by online, 13,000 readers every week by eBulletin, 2,500 listeners each week by podcast. Their channel readers represent the twelve largest OEM and solution providing communities, together reflecting 96% of all UC sales by revenues on equipment, services, premises, hosted, software solutions and other platforms. Their enterprise readers represent the installed base of North American commercial entities with 200 or more employees that have a full IT management staff.

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