How i4IP integrated the UCaaS solution Coligo into their network and
offers end-customers a
state-of-the-art communication platform

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“With Coligo we offer end-customers a distinctive portfolio of all possible forms of communication.”

i4IP has decided to substitute their own platform with the UCaaS solution Coligo. This hosted PBX platform will not only offer end-users all possible forms of communication, such as voice, video, chat and collaboration tools, but will also enable i4IP to further excel in its sales support and services to its dealers and wholesalers, as they will no longer have to worry about building, installing and maintaining a platform.

About i4IP

i4IP is a leading provider of high-quality VoIP, data, mobile and hosting services. Since 2008, the company has specialized in providing innovative communications solutions, distributing its services through specialized partners. The company has an extensive product portfolio and provides its resellers the support they need. This, combined with the direct points of contact and its flat organizational structure, makes collaborating with the company valuable. The resellers can fulfill all customer needs. The company has an innovative, high quality and stable communication platform. I4IP has 20 employees and is headquartered in Almere. For more information, please visit:

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